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The Goal

THE GOAL is to save the former Parker's Corners elementary school building.

The Plan

FIRST THINGS FIRST - We need to completely retrofit the building. It will be more beautiful than ever!!!

The Fun

 FOR NOW - We have approval for alpacas, goats and chickens. This will be the fanciest goat farm on the planet!

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In May of this year (2018), I purchased Parker's Corners Elementary School. It's a 4,000 sf building on 5.28 acres of beautiful farmland south of Fowlerville and on a paved road. The crew and I (Danny, Bob, Johnny, Kristen and Jason) are in the process of bringing the building back to life. It's been shuttered since 2001. I attended 2nd and 3rd grade at Parker's Corners and they were two of the best years of my life! I LOVE THIS PLACE! Stop by and see us, anytime there's a vehicle, we're happy to give you the nickel tour. Stay tuned and check us out on Facebook:)))

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2045 Bradley Road, Webberville, Michigan 48892

(810) 623-4142 lori@goatnirvana.com

Lori Daymon Cook Owner & Future Master Goatress (Yes John K, I made that part up)